Chemical Environment Spectacles

  • Conforming to EN 166:2001
  • We introduce a new economy range eye wear model to keep your eyes safe at all times from Chemical and Liquid splashes in such an environment.
  • Area of Use: Areas exposed to splashes of chemicals.
  • Available Lens Option: Single clear lens
  • Lens Features:
  • Anti-fog coating on the lens
  • Optical class 1
  • Conforming to EN 166:2001
  • Containing all the inherent design, sporty and comfort features of the JS 7002, the JS 7011 has an additional bprotective quality to offer. It is fitted with a special IR-5 lens, making it an ideal choice for protection to the eyes during gas welding operations.
  • Area of Use: Areas involving gas welding operations / Areas where there is molten metal; furnaces, etc.
  • Available Lens Option: Single lens option using IR -5 lens
  • Lens Features:
  • Optical class-1,/R -5 lens
  • Lens scale number 4 – 5
  • Lens material- Polycarbonate
  • Hard-coated lens for Scratch-Resistance

Gas Welder Lens - IR 5

Model 602 frame transparant field of use 3&4 clear anti ONE Painting Goggle works scratch lens CE 0068 NOTIFIED BODY APPROVED EN166 essential Frame Ideal For Each type of fit, Against 20 former Goggles.

Painting Goggles

ONE Painting Goggle works Against 20 former Goggles